What do you need to bring
Do I need a cooler for my fish?

Yes you will need to bring a cooler for your fish

Do I furnish food and drinks?

No, I do not furnish your food and drinks. However; for an extra charge that can be arranged price depends on how many in the party.

Do you have lodging?

No, me personally I do not. However, lodging is available at some of the places I fish out of so feel free to ask about lodging. I do have lodging on the great big Pee dee river if it’s available the days your fishing with Gators Outdoor Adventure and Guide Service.

Do you clean the fish?

No, I don’t clean the fish. However that can be arranged if it's not available where were fishing out of.

Do I need to bring my rods an tackle?

No, I will be furnishing all rods tackle boat etc. If you have a special rod and reel or life jacket that you have and want to use, then feel free to bring it.

What if it’s raining, do you have rain jackets?

You will be responsible for your own clothing accommodations. You will be made aware of fishing conditions in advance for the most part and will be able to plan accordingly.

Do I have to pay a $100.00 deposit if I’m booking for more than a day?

Yes for each day your booking with Gators Outdoor Adventure and Guide Service, you will be required to put up a $100.00 deposit for each day your planning to fish to book your days in advance. When the deposit is made, the days are booked on the calendar which means that no one else can book those days.

Do I need to bring a camera?

Yes you’ll need to bring a camera with you. However, if you’d like the fishing tripped filmed or would like a professional photographer in the boat with us taking pictures, with advance notice, it can be arranged for an additional expense.

What if I have to cancel the trip?

If you request to cancel a booked fishing trip, the following will apply. If Gators Outdoor Adventure and Guide Service is notified within 48 hours your $100.00 deposit, each day booked can be credited towards another trip out on a new scheduled day. Gators Outdoor Adventure and Guide Service reserves the right to do the following.  If the trip was booked more than 48 hours and a cancellation is requested, a refund will be considered, however there is no guarantee that a refund will be issued. If the refund is granted, it will depend on the time of the year, number of days that we’re booked and the time of the month you have booked, as you know the results of catching fish are better than other months and with a lot of customers wanting to book a trip, refunds will be considered on a case by case basis.


For more information to questions not listed above, please use the “Contact Us” page to get your questions answered.

Gators Outdoor Adventure and Guide Service.