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I'm Captain Gator. Born and raised in SC, I have been fishing the Santee Cooper Lakes and Rivers for over 30 years.  I specialize in multiple types of fishing. For me, fishing has never been a job. It's a passion I enjoy sharing with others, making new friends and memories. I don't focus on quantity, I focus on quality fish. I believe catching a trophy fish creates a bigger smile and greater memories. Getting both in one day is an added bonus. I personally practice CPR - catch, photo, release - on my bigger fish. I would rather someone else have the opportunity to catch that trophy fish. We specialize in Catfish ,Striped Bass,Crappie,Bream,Herring and even the American Shad a really fun fish to catch. Email,call,text for more info on rates or any questions you may have.Thanks 


Schedule of Charters

Day Trips                         6:00AM - 2:00PM

Evening Trips                5:00PM - 11:00PM

All Trips are scheduled Monday thru Saturday. The hours above are not written in stone because we sometimes catch our own bait and travel a distance by water to fish. We can also lose track of time from having fun and that is just fine by me also.I will not be looking at a watch keeping track of time.

Custom trips and times are available upon request.  Just send us a message by using the "Contact US" page.


Catfish-------- Striped Bass

1 - 2 People ..$400   -       $450

3 People ...... $450    -      $500

4 People ...... $500   -      $550

5 People ...... $600    -      $650

6  People ...... $700    -      $800    


Bream/Shell Crackers 

1 person  300.00  2 people 375.00 all day unless we get your limit early

3 people --- 450.00  all day unless we get your limit early  

4 people ---  600.00  all day unless we limit out early 

Crappie Fishing 

1-2 people  400.00 all day unless we limit out early

  3 people   450.00 all day unless we limit out early

  4 people   500.00 all day unless we limit out early

Fishing out of a 2020 seafox  266 commander with twins an restroom/head garmin phantom radar 1242 dual garmins with panoptix live aqua vu cameras also.trip will be vidoed an plenty of pics will be taking. 

SALT WATER FISHING INSHORE / OFFSHORE  Sheeps head  spade fishing mahi mahi  spottails   black sea bass black drums whiting croaker spots etc. Whatever is biting well go after them as well unless your just wanting to target one species .These prices are for SC only. Offshore prices available email call text for prices.The starting price for offshore starts at 700.00 all day.Can fish 8 people easy.

inshore/near shore 

1 person 550.00 all day  

2 people 650.00 all day  

3 people 700.00  all day 

4 people 800.00 all day  can carry 8 people easy just add a 100.00 per head after the 4th person

    Virginia License included for fishing in VA   Florida trips available also. Call for prices an details.                                                                                                

We love our customers and look forward to giving you a fishing trip of a life time. We appreciate your business .Thanks for checking out our website.

Gators Outdoor Adventure and Guide Service